Can we think of moving house during the Covid-19 crisis?

As so often happens, media headlines do not always reflect the reality of government guidelines (or reality generally come to that).

Click here to view the latest government guidelines.

Essentially the government is recommending that you should not move whilst the government is trying to stop people moving around generally. This is sensible.

Note that the government has not banned the moving process. The actual move is the end of a process that can and usually does take six to eight weeks to sort out anyway. There is much to be done before committing to a moving date.

Our specialist conveyancing solicitors are still able to deal with this process and there is no reason why this process cannot proceed. If you want to actually commit to a transaction then there are ways and means of having a flexible moving date to suit all parties.

If you have any concerns about your current transaction, or conveyancing in general, our solicitors are still working and able to offer a full service, albeit remotely! To speak to our dedicated conveyancing team call us on 01483 451 900, email us or make an online enquiry and we will call you.