Our clients like working with us because we are practical, efficient and inexpensive. They also like the fact that we are not afraid to advise them both what to do, and how to do it, in any given situation.

Moreover, we have the confidence to use our knowledge and experience to act as a sounding board for guidance when asked, without requiring comprehensive instructions or insisting upon providing detailed legal analyses.

If you instruct us, Gordons will:

  • Carry out every piece of work, regardless of size, scope or price, to the best of our abilities.
  • Return your calls promptly.
  • Respond substantively to all client communications without you having to chase us.
  • Always welcome your feedback and act upon it, as we aim continuously to improve our services.
  • Advise you where to look for more appropriate guidance if work is outside our field of expertise.
  • Not incur costs or delegate work without your consent, nor will we charge for the advice you do not reasonably need.

    In return, we expect our clients to:

  • Work constructively with us to resolve problems.
  • Provide necessary information and instructions when requested.
  • Tell us when dissatisfied so that we can bring matters to a satisfactory conclusion.
  • Pay our bills promptly.

This firm maintains professional indemnity insurance in accordance with the rules of the Solicitors Regulation Authority. Details of the insurers and the territorial coverage of the policy are available for inspection at our offices.

View our comprehensive Covid 19 Return to Work Risk Assessment for further details.

View our terms of business for further details.

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