A trust is a legal arrangement allowing named persons – your ‘trustees’ - to look after and deal with your assets for the benefit of your chosen beneficiaries. Trusts can be set up during your lifetime or could be created by your Will following your demise. Our Private Wealth team works with clients to advise on all aspects of trusts, from when they can benefit you, through to their creation and winding up.

Everyone has a unique set of circumstances, each requiring a different solution. For example, we help an increasing number of clients who have children from a previous relationship and who have entered into a relationship with a new partner, to help them ensure that their children do not lose out on their inheritance. We will ensure that any trust set up for you takes into account your personal and financial circumstances so that it benefits both you and your chosen beneficiaries.

Our specialist Trusts Solicitors, based in Guildford, are available to assist you. Please contact either Claire Binyon or Habiba Ahmed for further details regarding Trusts.