We are well qualified to advise in this growing field, which is especially important to businesses that rely on the effective protection and exploitation of their intellectual property. Many of our clients come from the world of IT, multimedia and engineering.

 The ideas and creative output of all companies are protected by various controls and legislation, in the UK, Europe and globally. The expansion of the internet and the complexities of domain registrations and hosting in different legal jurisdictions mean that this is an area of rapidly developing law. As well as advising businesses, we are instructed by, and work with, Patent and Trade Mark agents, and we keep up to date with the latest developments in these areas. As a result, we can offer you timely advice on protecting, enforcing and exploiting these rights to your advantage, as well as weaving a path between the rights of your competitors.In particular, we have developed a 'logo policing' strategy which has been successfully implemented on numerous occasions to address and prevent the infringement of trade marks. The basis of the strategy is to draw a line between the acceptable use of a registered trade mark for descriptive purposes, and the unacceptable use which wrongly suggests some closer association with a manufacturer or its authorised reseller network.

Naturally, most cases have their own unique issues, and we have the experience and flexibility to modify and adapt strategies to suit your desired approach and the needs of a particular situation.

Please contact Brian Turner for further details.