Sisters walk 14 hours straight for local charity

Amy Archer and her sister-in-law walked for 14 hours straight, around a local football pitch, to raise money for the charity HASTE [Heart and Stroke Trust Endeavour], in memory of her Grandfather. HASTE are a local charity based in Guildford. They opened the Haste Wing at the Royal Surrey in 2005, contributing to the life-saving services the hospital can offer to patients every day.

HASTE focuses on preventative strategies offering expertise on diagnosis and treatment of high blood pressure, atrial fibrillation and heart failure.

Funds were also raised for SALV [Shere and Local Villages] to support local families with home aid equipment and end of life support, as well as funds being donated directly to the football club.

The girls started at 04:30 and finished the walk at 18:30 that day, walking a combined 88 miles and approximately 180,000 steps and raised in excess of £3,000.