COVID-19 Update: GDC’s Protocol regarding Remote Hearings

The GDC have recently updated their protocol in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and reviewed how they hold their substantial fitness to practise hearings.

Whilst the GDC hearing venues have been closed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic they have continued to hold interim order hearings and substantive review hearings remotely either by Skype or by telephone. The GDC have concluded that they have found there to be no adverse impact on the number of these types of hearings.

Therefore, the GDC have announced their plan to undertake as many substantive hearings as possible remotely. The GDC have stated their intention to initially start with smaller cases such as those involving criminal convictions or registrants who do not wish to participate in proceedings. The GDC have said that they are expecting to run cases involving witnesses before the end of June.

This could mean that your fitness to practise hearing will go ahead as scheduled but will do so remotely with all witnesses providing evidence by Skype or telephone.

The GDC are due to review their use of remote means during substantive fitness to practise hearings before the end of June and will decide whether they will extend this beyond June based on government advice and guidelines.

If you have an upcoming fitness to practise hearing and would like to seek assistance our Gordons Healthcare Regulatory Team are continuing to assist dental professionals in all aspects of GDC fitness to practise investigations and have attended hearings remotely. If you would like to speak to one of our team about your case then you can contact either Richard Creamer or Iain Pickering from our Regulatory department on 01483 451 900 or alternatively, email them at richard@gordonsols.co.uk or iain@gordonsols.co.uk